The Mayor of London’s office pledged £5,000 and other sponsors (Capital Business Media

Capital Business Media sponsored Community Mural unveilled

Capital Business Media joined The Mayor of London’s office and other sponsors to help finance an art project to paint a giant mural on a community centre wall.


The project has been a collaboration between the Co-Creative Connection and the Sundial Community Centre’s members, the local community and residents. Together with Rose Hill they co-designed and painted the giant mural during June and September 2021.

The mural was painted by local artist Rose Hill, with the help of the community and volunteers and co-designed by local people of all abilities and backgrounds on the wall outside Sundial Community Centre which celebrates the community spirit of Tower Hamlets and Hackney in east London.

The Sundial Community Centre offers day-care and a range of activities for local people and Rose held a series of workshops during the summer.

These were entirely free for the local community and involved everyone including a wide range of ages, ethnicities, and underrepresented groups to attend the workshops. Everyone has been invited to take an active part in creating a mural design that celebrates their community and its diversity and uniqueness. There were six free workshops hosted throughout the summer to create the mural. 

Rose Hill the Project Leader said,” It’s incredible to see after week one just what a difference It’s made to the community.  The connections made, a sense of belonging, and the self-worth it’s given people. We didn’t only paint a massive wall mural and make Tower Hamlets/ Hackney a more cheerful and welcoming place to live, but brought people together.  With our co-designed mural, the community has designed their own parts after learning about pattern and design. Collectively we have picked the colours and I supported participants to ensure the design is balanced and harmonious.

Justine Simons OBE, (from City Hall) Deputy Mayor for Culture and Creative Industries said:  “Huge congratulations to Rose, who received a Make London grant from the Mayor of London for this project.  It’s fantastic to see these workshops bringing the local community together to make a great new public artwork for their area. I can’t wait to see the results.”

Richard Alvin, Capital Business Media Group managing Director said: “We are so pleased to been able to support this excellent community initiative. It is so important that umpire local environment is uplifting and energising.”

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